Hey! I am your cat groomer!

My name is Jolita. I’m one of only four Certified Feline Master Groomers (CFMG) in the UK. My credentials come from the prestigious National Cat Groomers Institute, where I had the honour of training under Melissa Hall, one of the most renowned cat groomers and certifiers in the US. And to add to my qualifications, I’m also certified in Feline First Aid.

Cats are my world! I find them incredibly interesting and absolutely adorable creatures, each with their own unique personality. I’m a proud cat parent of three – Ayla and Freyja, my Oriental cats, and Kenza, my Maine Coon.

My journey into professional cat grooming began with Kenza. At just two years old, she suffered health issues due to hairballs, and her coat began to mat. Regular brushing didn’t seem to help, and I struggled to find a groomer willing and capable of bathing a cat or handling her special needs due to a past hip injury and aggressive personality. This ignited my interest in cat grooming, and I became part of the solution. Now Kenza enjoys her lion cut and is always chirpy and delighted after her spa day!

A bonus of my career choice? I’ve managed to keep my home free of excess cat hair, despite having three feline residents.

If you have any questions about cat grooming or your cat’s specific grooming needs, I am here to assist you. I look forward to meeting you and your feline friend, and providing the care and expertise you’re seeking. Let’s meet!

My Mission

“My primary focus is your cat’s health and wellbeing. I don’t use any harsh restraints and I never sedate the cat. Instead, I am trained to use different grooming techniques that are adjusted to each cat’s needs and tolerance. There is no one technique that fits all!”